LiveMore. ScreenLess.™

We’re on a mission to foster digital well-being for our families, schools, and workplaces.


We All Use technology, but…

Knowing how to balance our digital lifestyles can help all of us experience life in more meaningful and healthy ways.

Technology is revolutionary. It’s redesigning communication, creating limitless options and expanding possibilities. But when we read studies that reveal the average smart phone user checks his or her phone 50-80 times a day (even while driving), social media use is tied to depression, cell phone addiction is occurring in 1 out of 2 people, and device access for kids ages 0 to 8 has risen to nearly 75%, we pause.

Consider the following…


What if we balance technology use so that we can meet our social, emotional, And physical needs in ways that work for each of us, for our kids, for our schools, and for our Minnesota communities?

 Let’s reset our journey.

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We’re blazing a new trail with you to inspire healthy change for all of us.

Our Solutions

We believe when parents, families, young people, schools and workplaces make changes to use technology more thoughtfully, our lifestyles and communities will become healthier.

That’s why we founded LiveMore. We gather and explore the relevant research, capture the strategic data, share roadmaps and field guides, and build customized action plans to help parents, schools, businesses and communities journey the ever-changing digital landscape in ways that work for them. Our evidence-based change approach acts much like a navigation system that guides individuals, families, and organizations to their next horizon. We inspire and outfit individuals and families with a backpack of information and tools they need to maximize the benefits of technology—but minimize the unhealthy side effects.

Ultimately, we activate lifestyle change and partner with others committed to transforming communities and inspiring those seeking to live digitally healthy lives.

organizational Assessment

LiveMore initiates a partnership with 10-minute online digital wellbeing assessments to find out the practice of digital wellbeing in the classroom, at home, or workplace. Customization of specific questions is honored. Summary of findings provided.

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Speaking Engagements

LiveMore promotes awareness and understanding of Digital Wellbeing. Presentations address screen overuse, brain development, current research, attention/distraction, emotional intelligence, and intellectual wellbeing. Tools are provided for thriving in the digital age.

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Series of Lifeshops™

LiveMore understands that changing digital behavior is a complex undertaking. To go deeper, LiveMore offers a three-part educational series and provides opportunity to try out Digital Wellbeing skills.

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policy consultation

LiveMore shares research to make data informed decisions with regard to school policy and practice. LiveMore brings the Digital Wellbeing lens to the table. You create and craft the policy.

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Change begins near the edge of our comfort zones.

enhance relationships.

Regain Attention.

Reboot social skills.

Increase productivity.